House kills 'pet-friendly' license plate bill on tied vote


The Idaho House has unexpectedly killed legislation to create a “pet-friendly” special license plate, a proposal that the ailing Rep. Hy Kloc, D-Boise, had worked on for several years and which was successfully amended earlier this session. HB 540a died on a tied 31-31 vote. The special plate would have said “Pet Friendly” and featured a heart-warming photo of a dog and cat; funds raised would have benefited spay and neutering programs, particularly in rural Idaho. There was no debate on the bill, after Rep. Melissa Wintrow, D-Boise, presented it to the House, which had just passed a separate bill about special license plates honoring the Rotary Club. Eight House members were absent for the vote.
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House kills 'pet-friendly' license plate bill on tied vote

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