Testimony: 'I don't believe our childrens are neglected'


In more testimony on the faith-healing bill this morning: Nathan Kangas, a member of the Followers of Christ faith-healing sect, said, “We’re not exempt from the law, this is the law that they’re trying to change. … How come they’re not representing the thousands of children that die because of medical malpractice? … We have ten times the children survive than what you would call the people who practice western medicine as a general rule. I don’t believe our childrens are neglected.” He said, “There’s no way we can or will do medication because we do believe it does impact our eternity. … Faith is the base of all Christianity. And it seems odd to me here that they have now put man before God.” Paul Shippy told the committee, “In our community,...

Testimony: 'I don't believe our childrens are neglected'

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