Otter on legislative session: 'Proud of the work'


Idaho Gov. Butch Otter pointed to education improvements at the top of his list of what he saw as the accomplishments of this year’s legislative session, along with expanding behavioral health crisis centers; consolidating the state’s information technology services under the governor’s office; expanding the state Department of Lands’ ability to harvest federal timber under Good Neighbor Authority, including the addition of 12 new foresters; and $130 million in net income tax cuts. “The reductions this year brings the total tax relief since 2010 to $1.6 billion,” Otter declared. Standing with GOP leaders from the House and Senate, Otter said, “We made a good run at some things that didn’t end up happening, but we also got a lot done that will help...

Otter on legislative session: 'Proud of the work'

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