AdWatch: New Ahlquist ad targets 'political insiders'


GOP gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist has launched a new TV campaign commercial repeating the claim he made in June that he’d cut $100 million from the state budget in his first 100 days if elected, but offering no new details. Instead, the new ad focuses on Ahlquist as a political outsider, suggesting that “political insiders scoffed” at his claim, but that he, as an outsider, will “prove them wrong.” Jaclyn Kettler, a BSU political scientist, said Ahlquist’s anti-“political insider” message makes sense in the three-way race, in which the Boise developer and physician faces Lt. Gov. Brad Little and 1st District GOP Congressman Raul Labrador. “It’s a message that I could see appealing to some in the Republican primary who maybe don’t necessarily...

AdWatch: New Ahlquist ad targets 'political insiders'

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