Risch changes position, says 'Roy Moore should step down'


Idaho Sen. Jim Risch changed his position on Roy Moore today, telling reporters, “I believe Roy Moore should step down.” Just yesterday, Risch was sticking by his statement from last week that “if these allegations are true, Roy Moore must step aside.” Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo yesterday gave a similar conditional condemnation of Moore, saying, “If these allegations prove to be true, he should withdraw from the race.” His press secretary, Lindsay Nothern, said this afternoon that Crapo hasn’t changed his position at this point, “but we’re watching things closely.” Among those now calling for Moore, the GOP nominee for a Senate seat from Alabama, to step aside are House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and other GOP leaders....

Risch changes position, says 'Roy Moore should step down'

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