Labrador to ATI: 'Government needs to be slashed'


At this afternoon’s “Gubernatorial Forum on Taxation” at the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho conference, two of the GOP candidates for governor – Lt. Gov. Brad Little and Boise physician and developer Tommy Ahlquist – are appearing in person, but 1st District Rep. Raul Labrador appeared briefly on video at the start of the session only, saying he would soon have to leave to vote on a gun-rights bill. “As you know, Idahoans are really proud of our great state and there’s a lot to be optimistic about in Idaho,” Labrador declared. But he said even though Idaho’s economy is improving, it still ranks poorly in income and gross domestic product. “We need to make sure that all our kids have meaningful opportunities after high school, whether that’s...

Labrador to ATI: 'Government needs to be slashed'

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